Urlaub in Lichtenau-Husen
D-33165 Lichtenau-Husen
Teutoburger Wald • Eggegebirge • Sauerland

History of the Bungalowpark Europa-Feriendorf in Husen

The bungalow holiday park "Bürener Land" was established in 1962, created by the Detmold company E.Greimeier & K.Greimeier OHG and architecture and Bauführungsbüro Bernd Light from Paderborn. The first guests were American soldiers who were stationed at the nearby Stöckerbusch / Büren.

Originally, the holiday village consisted of 48 apartments on an area of ​​about 41,000 square meters, a restaurant, a grocery store, playgrounds, mini golf, etc. In 1969 the plant was sold to the World Ring Hotel GmbH in Frankfurt, which then transformed the park into home ownership and sold it to private owners

In the following years, some more bungalows have been built and sold to the buyers. Today, the complex consists of 23 bungalows with a total of 54 apartments, all of which are privately owned.

Here are a few pictures from the sixties and seventies, click to enlarge:

Eröffung des Feriendorfes 1962 Logo Feriendorf 1962 Prospekt Feriendorf 1962

Husen 1968 Husen 1976

Rezeption/Zentrum Rezeption/Zentrum

Bungalow A13/B14 Spielplatz

Bungalow A29/B30 Ortsansicht Husen 1960

Bungalow A13/B14 udn A33/B34 Terrassenblich über da Altenautal

Europa-Feriendorf Husen